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Using state-of-the-art technology, our platform was designed with one goal in mind: to allow brands and ad agencies to better engage with their clients. To us it’s very simple: we put the desired message on the screen for the right user. Also important, we provide real-time analytics to measure effectiveness and allow for optimization.

Promoting your Message

100% viewability and highly qualified network of publishers reaching over 60 million users every month.All targeted We do not waste impressions.


We offer different ways to segment your audience in the best way possible. Impacting only those who should be impacted:


Talk to your target audience in the ideal context. Choose the subject you want your message to be placed in, and interact with the users in the right environment.

Behavioral Targeting

Using this feature, it is possible to strictly take your message to your target audience, resulting in more engagement and overall better results.


Real time personalized reports, help advertisers to follow key metrics that reflect your objective.

Dynamic Results Optimization

With the best interest of our clients in mind, Cazamba developed the Behavioral Analysis tool, a unique technology of dynamic results optimization. By doing a big raw data analysis we find new ways to segment the campaign in order to get the best result possible.

But how?


Proprietary algorithm shows missed opportunities in campaign segmentation.


Simulate the lift of KPIs by incorporating or removing user segments.


Coordinate with the client any alterations that will be made.


Constantly report the variations in the campaign results.

No modifications will be made without the consent of the advertiser, and personalized real-time reports will be available to monitor these opportunities.


Cazamba is the perfect partner for websites and blogs that want an extra revenue stream, without giving up on their existing partners. Our platform is carefully tailored to diminish impact on your audience, creating relevancy of the messages and minimizing interaction time for each of our partner’s users.

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